Rep Policy


  • The Rotorua Junior Cricket Committee (RJCC) will call for nominations for selectors, coaches, and managers of representative teams. 
  • Selectors, coaches, and managers will be appointed for each grade by the Cricket Development Manager and the RJCC chair. 
  • Each selection group will be convened by the Rotorua Cricket Development Manager. 
  • To be eligible for selection players must have paid the current junior cricket subscription fee to Rotorua Cricket. 
  • Preference will be given to local players who play weekly in Rotorua Cricket Assn. competitions. 
  • A player will not be eligible to play in a Rotorua Junior Representative team if they have made themselves unavailable to play for their regular club or school team in the week preceding the rep game.
  • Exception can only be made at the discretion of the RJCC chair on application in writing providing valid reason for player unavailability. 
  • A squad of players will be selected.
  • Not every player in the squad will be selected to play in each game.
  • Selection for a particular game should not create expectation that a player will be selected for subsequent games.
  • Teams may be selected from the squad to match the perceived strength of opposition teams and to rotate players. 
  • Selection for representative teams will be made by identifying junior cricketers who display cricketing skill as well as commitment and dedication to their team and the game.
  • Selectors may identify these players by observing weekly competitions, communicating with coaches, trial sessions and games. 
  • Selected players will be required to attend training sessions as organised by team management. 
  • Players may be added to the squad by the selectors at any time during the season.



  • Excellent communication is important. 
  • Players and parents should make every effort to respond in a timely manner to team notices and requests. 
  • Selectors, managers, and coaches decisions are to be respected. If players or parents wish to discuss selection or coaching issues they should make a time convenient to do so.
  • Selectors, managers and coaches should not be challenged or approached during trainings, games or other times that they are working with junior cricketers. 
  • Players should be on time for training and games. If you are unable to attend or will be late getting to training or a game it is important to let team management know as soon as possible. 
  • If a player is injured or feeling unwell on game day they need to notify team management.
  • Players are expected to sit with their team during the team’s batting innings. 
  • Respect the property of other players and Rotorua Cricket, look after equipment and keep gear tidy. 
  • Players should stay until the end of the game and until after prizegiving if required unless they are excused by team management. 
  • Play a part in assisting young players to develop a life long love of cricket



  • Excellent communication is important. 
  • Junior representative players should be selected using a combination of identification practices. 
    • Observation of regular club and school competition 
    • Communication with coaches of club and school teams 
    • Trial sessions 
    • Trial games
  • A squad of players should be selected from which teams can be compiled for various games throughout the season. 
  • Teams should be compiled in such a way that every player has a role within the team. All players should have an opportunity during the match.
  •  Each player’s role should be communicated to them before the game. 
  • Captaincy should be shared.
  •  Several players should have opportunities to captain the side over the course of the season.
  • Age appropriate guidance should be provided by the coach in regard to bowling and batting order in line with the strategy to give each player a role in the team. 
  • Excellent communication is vital with stakeholders of each team 
    • The whole squad of players 
    • Parents and supporters 
    • Rotorua cricket development manager 
    • Rotorua junior cricket committee 
  • Team managers and coaches have an important role to play in assisting young players to develop a life long love of cricket.

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