Rotorua Cricket Association

The Rotorua Cricket Association is now aligning its strategic cricket initiatives to the three strategic themes of Identity, Innovation and Independence. 

What’s this all about?

Identity is about initiating, revitalizing and strengthening the connection that all local cricketers, clubs and the wider cricket community have with Smallbone Park as the Home of Cricket in Rotorua. At the same time Identity is about enhancing the role of cricket clubs in the growth, development and future of cricket.

Innovation is about developing new cricket products to ensure sustained uptake of cricket by family members, businesses and community groups. It includes the future development of covered training facilities, the development of night games at Smallbone and regular afternoon-evening cricket at the village green at the waterfront domain.

Independence is about prudent management of our finances, growing our reserves and engaging with members, funders and sponsors to ensure there is a reliable flow of funds to resource a great community cricketing future.